Welcome to my little world! I’m Naomi – Starbucks is my love language, I’m a Chick-fil-a loving Enneagram Type 7 (or 2, depending on the day) who is a little OCD and loves the aesthetics of an organized closet. I’m the ninth of 10 kids and growing up in a big family definitely has its perks! Having been raised in a family of photographers and artists, you could say photography runs in my blood; but, my deep rooted desire to capture memories was set ablaze after giving birth to my daughter Azlyn at 26 weeks.

After struggling with fertility issues to get pregnant, we finally found out that our rainbow baby was on her way. It was a difficult pregnancy, followed by three months in the NICU with her where we prayed relentlessly for the day we could bring her home. During that time, I invested in a camera to capture her growth and realized how important it is to capture the little moments of your child’s life that just fill your heart with joy. I soon learned the value of being able to have memories – like a maternity session or a Fresh 48 session –  frozen in time for me to look back on. My passion for this art has exploded into one of the greatest blessings I could have ever asked for! It has allowed my family to grow by funding the adoption of our wild, beautiful, vivacious son Luka.

I love highlighting the best in people. My mom always told me that you should always leave someone better than how you find them. During my sessions, I always like to leave my clients not only feeling better after their sessions, but seeing themselves and their families through a different lens. Gifting my clients the ability to freeze the best of times fills my heart with so much joy. I guess you could say it’s my super power!