Family Photography

You know that feeling when you look down at your son and you get misty eyed by the way he holds his ear while he falls asleep? Or when your infant daughter is holding your finger with all the might her tiny hand has as you feed her? Imagine being able to pause time and relive those moments every single day. That’s my ultimate goal with my family sessions.

Prior to your scheduled session, we will have a consultation call where I dig deep to find out what those moments look like for your family so we can bring them to life and capture them forever. So one day, when you’re walking your child down the aisle and you see their nose crinkle when they laugh, just like it did when they were little, you can look back at those fleeting moments that filled your heart with so much joy when they were still tiny enough to fit in your arms.

"Sometimes the smallest things, take up the most room in your heart."
- Winnie the Pooh

Atlanta Family Photography